We offer a very intricate drug policy that is very clear and well-defined. Whose customers who want to buy drugs from our portal can easily understand and get knowledge about our drug policy. We have provided a clear picture of our policy that is mentioned below.

We have mentioned every detail of our medicine in drug policy that will give you an idea about all the medicine we used to sell. That includes types of medicine we offer, the procurement of medicine, the decorator of price and offer of our medicine, expert who check our quality of medicine and advantages we offer if you purchase them from us.

Types of medicine we offer in our portal

  • We have a wide variety of medicine that you can buy.
  • We have distinguished the different categories of disorders for the convenience of our customers and sell different brands and types of medicine include OTC drugs, prescription drugs, and generic drugs.

Our sources of medicine

  • We get the medicine directly from the manufacturer.
  • In some situations, we order medicine from wholesalers and vendors but all are authorized.
  • We agreed with wholesalers and pharma companies and buy in bulk quantity from them. That’s why we can provide offers and discounts.
  • We get Authorization from local authorities for selling and purchasing medicine online.

Benefits we offer on buying medicine from our portal

  • We assure medicine if you purchase them from our portal.
  • We ensure quality at the lowest price.
  • You will get the option of various payment modes if you buy from our portal.
  • We also offer home delivery services to our customers.

Cost of the medicines

  • As we purchase in bulk from the manufacturer we offer discounts and offers to our customers.
  • We give the best quotes and rates to our customers for every medicine.
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